A garage door is one of the most stressed structures of a home.  It goes through many cycles of usage every day. Hence, garage door problems are very common among homeowners.

A reliable garage door service in Lake Havasu City includes garage door repairs and maintenance.  If there are issues with your garage door that you can’t handle on your own, hire a professional.  However, there are some issues that you can fix yourself.

Here are common garage door problems that specialists can fix for you:

Garage door rollers move up and down the track system several times, even over a thousand, in their lifetime.  This can lead to wear and tear.  The recommended time for replacing garage door rollers is every five years.  Regularly replacing garage door rollers will prevent roller breakage and other future garage door issues that can be very expensive.

  •  An Automated Garage Door That Won’t Close

Garage doors are often used as the main entrance to a home.  It is the largest moving object with the highest traffic area.  Because it is frequently used, it can be easy to accidentally cause the safety sensors to move.  If your garage door does not close, check if the safety sensors are adjusted correctly.  Other causes can be checked by a professional.

  •  Neglected Lubrication of the Operator or Motor Rail

Garage door service in Lake Havasu City includes maintenance.  Lubrication of the screw drive operator rails and other components is one of the important maintenance procedures done every 1-2 years.

  •  Lost Strength and Power of a Garage Door Operator or Motor

When your garage door operator or motor loses strength or power, the limit switches on your machine have not been adjusted.  A simple adjustment can resolve the issue.

  •  Neglected Lubrication of the Garage Door Hinge

Regular use of a garage door can cause the hinges on it to break.  A simple solution is to spray the hinges with lubricant at least once a year for a smoother and quieter running door.

  •  Unusual Noises

If your garage door is making more noise than usual, maybe it’s time to lubricate the moving parts.  Be careful with the springs though because they have a lot of tension in them.

Another unusual noise is a loud bang.  This means that the spring is broken.  In this case, call for a professional garage door service in Lake Havasu City.

  •  A Garage Door That is Stuck

A bent track or a broken moving part can make it difficult to move your garage door smoothly.  Have a professional check the wheel tracks for obstructions or debris.  You can also remove the obstructions yourself.

  •  Cracks or Gaps in the Garage Door Sealant

Cracks and splits on your garage door sealant can affect the weather tight and secure nature of your door.  They also look unappealing.  Cracking and splitting are signs of wear and tear that mean they need replacement.

  •  The Garage Door Does Not Close All the Way

Some of the main causes of garage doors that do not close all the way include issues with the limit switch, obstructions in the way of the door’s path, or obstructions on the photo-eye sensor.  This is the case for automatic doors.

Manual causes can also be broken cables, bent tracks, or worn parts.  For repairs of these damaged parts of your garage door, get help from a garage door service technician in Lake Havasu City.

  •  Garage Door Refusing to Open

A faulty spring or spring system can cause stubborn garage doors to refuse to stay open.  Only fully-trained professionals should fix problems with garage door springs.

  •  Sluggish Garage Door 

When your garage door opens and closes too slowly, it can be caused by a broken spring which can only be fixed by a professional garage door service personnel.  There may be other causes but it is best to call a professional to diagnose the problem.

  •  Garage Door Closes Too Quickly

A snapped spring or cable can cause a fast-closing garage door.  This issue can be dangerous for people, animals, and vehicles that have access to your garage door.  You will need the help of a garage door technician to immediately replace the spring or cable.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Issues With the Professionals

Troubleshooting garage door problems should not be done at your own risk especially if it involves cables and springs that are under high tension.  For safe and efficient garage door troubleshooting, never hesitate to get help from garage door service professionals.  The sooner the issue is identified and fixed, the less damage and cost.