OK, so you are about to move. Did your research on movers. Found a moving company with decent pricing, somewhat decent reviews and bearable BBB rating. Packed most of your stuff. Moving day is coming. Excited?

You might as well be, because you never know what’s waiting for you on the move day!

Some of the funniest stories I’ve heard during my extensive moving business career:

  1. Knock knock! You open the door. Your movers have arrived. Except, they are an exceptional crew consisting of a 65 year old man, an illegal immigrant who doesn’t speak any English as was randomly picked up at a random gas station, and a waitress from your local Waffle House. They all admit this is going to be the first move in their lives. Except the older gentleman who claims to be the crew leader. He believes in himself and his team. This has happened to one of our customers several years ago. He called Milestone Relocation immediately after kicking out (literally) his moving crew down the stairs.
  2. You are moving today. Your movers are unreachable, and obviously they are not here. You move by yourself or hire someone else. Two days later, your movers, the ones that never showed up, call you and tell you that they are going to be a little late because they have a flat tire. Sounds funny? It’s a true story!
  3. Your movers show up on time. Do an extremely good job. One item is left on the truck: your grandma’s ancient clock. A 200 pound clock, which is basically all that has left for her to remember your granddad who passed away several years ago. The move went well, you and your family, including your grandma, are watching how your movers are getting ready to unload the clock off the truck. For the 97th time, you remind your movers to be extremely careful. They nod their heads confirming understanding the importance of this. One of them even says, “Don’t worry, we are professionals!” Your grandma is watching in relieve: after all, the movers did a great job, and they can’t mess up the only item which is left. On the “Don’t worry” words, your grandma almost falls down on her butt: she can’t believe movers are screaming, the clock is falling from 4 feet high, and the ancient glass is all over the place!
  4. “I understand my company charged you more than 3 times above their estimate and refused to unload your items before you pay the full balance in cash. It’s nice you are so understanding. But we work on tip, and if don’t get tipped right now, we will not unload your belongings no matter what the company says.”
  5. “I just came back from jail. I did my 8 year sentence for beating up my wife. Do you really think I care when you threaten me saying you will call the police because I am not unloading your stuff before you tip me?”

These stories are funny until they happen to you. Do not be negligent. Protect yourself by choosing a moving company carefully. Do you research. Google it. Read reviews. Make sure they are licensed. And then, when you help yourself, God will help you too.

Happy moving!

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