What’s new in the world of gadgets and gizmos? We’ve got you covered in our monthly BURO Gadget Guide on the top new tech gadget launches for June 2022

The ever-changing world of technology is constantly presenting us with new advanced and innovative gadgets that bring digital consumption to the next level. Just when we think we’ve achieved the ultimate entertainment experience, we’re introduced to further improved features. In this month’s BURO Gadget Guide, discover five of the latest nifty devices you can’t resist adding to your cart.

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Get the best of both work and play with this new pair of superb-quality, noise-cancelling headphones, which comes with considerable upgrades compared to its predecessor. First off, in terms of design, the exterior of its ear cups is stylish and minimal with sharp, clean lines. Meanwhile, the interior has thicker padding, making it incredibly comfortable for wear. Made of soft vegan leather, the headphones are lightweight and easily adjustable, not to mention durable, for long-term usage.

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Now, onto the tech side; the XM5 features eight microphones for active noise cancellation (ANC) so you can better control the sound you hear around you, which is great when you want to immerse yourself fully in music or entertainment. Additionally, four beamforming microphones precisely pick up your voice for clear work calls. On the right side of the ear cup, there is a touch panel to pause, play and skip music. Alternatively, the Wear Detection feature will instantly pause and play if you take off or put on the headphones. Overall, enjoy up to 30 hours of playback with ANC without having to charge them.

Price: RM1,799

Availability: Sony’s online store, Shopee, and Lazada

For more details, visit the Sony website

Prism+ Q Series Pro

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Singaporean consumer technology brand, Prism+, has launched yet another premium range of Android TVs with the all-new Q-Series Pro. Following the brand’s release of the Q86 Pro Quantum Edition earlier this year, the Q-Series Pro presents Q65 Pro Quantum Edition and Q55 Pro Quantum Edition as two new additions to the line-up with even more exciting features to enhance your cinematic experience.

With the increasing demand of quality home entertainment systems in the wake of the pandemic, the Q-Series Pro is designed with cutting-edge technologies that elevates viewer experience. Features include 4K Ultra High-Definition displays equipped with Quantum Color backlight technology and Dolby Vision® to improve picture quality, along with Dolby Atmos ® to bring entertainment alive with immersive audio.

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In addition to refined visual and audio quality, the Q-Series Pro has also improved in terms of convenience. Upgraded with Google Assistant, users can now enjoy hands-free control at any corner of the room through only voice commands without the need for a remote control. The new series is also introducing more storage of up to 32GB, allowing users to relish in a plethora of streaming platforms without having to pick and choose.


  • RM8,999 for Q65 Pro Quantum Edition
  • RM2,399 for Q55 Pro Quantum Edition

Availability: Prism+’s online store and Lazada

For more details, visit the Prism+ website.

Huawei Mate XS 2

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Foldable mobile devices have become a trendy option for tech geeks lately and if you’re looking to hop on the bandwagon, look no further than the Huawei Mate XS2. Similar to its predecessor, the Huawei Mate XS, the all-new Huawei Mate XS2 features a foldable Falcon Wing wrap-around design now with an ultra-light and ultra-thin seamless body weighing only 255 grams. Not to worry, the lightweight device is also more durable thanks to high-performance materials that serves as an effective shock absorber and buffer.

Powered by Snapdragon 888 4G CPU and Adreno 8GB GPU with 8GB of RAM, users can expect crisp graphics and smooth performance with the 120Hz display. Despite its impressive performance, users can enjoy all-day usage with the support of a 4,600 mAh battery. Plus, the new device comes with a 66W Huawei Supercharge wall charger, allowing safe and fast charging of up to 90 per cent in just 30 minutes.

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The Huawei Mate XS 2 is fitted with three different camera types, including a 50MP True-Chroma Camera, a 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle camera, and an 8MP Telephoto Camera. The new device also comes with improved Huawei XD Optics, bringing brand-new information recovery technology to provide users with excellent colour-accuracy and detail in their images.

Price: RM7,999

Availability: Huawei’s official online store as well as Lazada and Shopee

For more details, visit the Huawei website.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i

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Lenovo recently unveiled the newest generation of its premium, ultra-slim Windows 11 Yoga laptops, including the flagship Yoga Slim 9i. With the launch of this brand new carbon-neutral-certified model, Lenovo is introducing eco-consciousness to its Yoga line, alongside more improved qualities.

Uniting performance and mobility, the Yoga Slim 9i is encased in a 3D glass with a 14.9-millimetre-thick chassis designed with rounded, smooth contours for comfortable handling. Made with content-creation and entertainment consumption in mind, the new laptop features a 14-inch touchscreen display equipped with Lenovo’s 4K OLED PureSight, providing ultra-sharp details with photo-realistic colours for the most accurate and captivating visual experience.

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If you’re not already impressed, the 10-bits depth of the Vesa Certified Display HDR True Black 500 can achieve a display of over a billion colours in a single pixel, as well as full colour gamut of 100 per cent DCI-P3. To truly enhance user experience, it is complemented with four Bowers & Wilkins speakers, providing excellent audio quality that brings visuals to reality.

On top of that, the Yoga Slim 9i takes cyber security to a smarter standard with the Lenovo A.I. Core 2.0, an A.I. engine with hardware-level encryption to protect the device from root and ransomware attacks. With the Intel Evo featuring 12th Gen Intel Core Processors, users can also tap into a mode of portable performance that adapts to their needs.

Price: Starts at $1,799 (Malaysian price TBA)

Availability: Expected to be available in official Lenovo stores starting June 2022 (*Malaysia TBA)

For more details, visit the Lenovo website.

Sony Bravia XR TV Series

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Sony is advancing visual and audio quality like never before as they launch the world’s first series of TVs equipped with Cognitive Processor XR—a cognitive intelligence that analyses and recreates visual graphics the way humans process surroundings in the real world. It’s designed to understand where humans tend to focus our attention by cross-analysing each picture element and its focal point in order to generate depth information, then adjust each frame for the most realistic experience.

Additionally, it is also intelligent in positioning sounds where it should be—as if it’s happening right where you are. For instance, if a scene shows a jet aircraft zooming across the sky, the Cognitive Processor XR will recreate the sound so realistically, it puts you at the heart of the scene.

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The new Cognitive Processor XR will be featured in a series of seven Bravia XR TVs, all with their respective unique characteristics that cater to any user’s preference. The series includes Bravia XR OLED for striking OLED contrast, Bravia XR Mini LED for intense realism, Bravia XR Full Array LED for real-life colour and contrast, Bravia XR Full Array LED for supreme 8K realism, and more.

Pricing: Starts from RM5,399

Availability: Sony online store

For more details, visit the Sony website.

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