Great news was my reaction when I heard that Cypriot government decided to incorporate the Euro as their trading currency, especially what it would mean for the Cyprus property market. Oddly enough though not everyone was so open to the new currency but the Cyprus property market has already benefited significantly since its introduction.

House prices have been rising steadily at about 9% a year since the currency change and land investments have quadrupled since the news of the Euro. The low interest rates too have given Cyprus a good start to attract property investors and although things have hit a low in the UK, Cyprus is still a growing market. International airport improvements and more low budget airlines have also made it easier to travel to Cyprus to conclude Cyprus property investments.

The all year round holiday resort of Cyprus is a real favorite with the Brits and there is a bonding between the two peoples due to a resilient onslaught during the second world war. Of course we are all Europeans now and equal partners that is ready to take on the world together and where better to relax than the beautiful island of Cyprus which boasts over 300 sunny days a year making it that so muck more pleasant to enjoys the wonderful sites that Cyprus has to offer.

Although it was the British that first put their foot on the Cyprus property ladder and who have seen some really profitable property investments, but now it is the turn of other mainly Northern Europeans to get int the Cyprus property market. Cyprus has even began to attract some very wealthy tourists from the Middle East as there really is no where better at present to invest in Cyprus properties.

The great thing about the development of Cyprus in these times is that the environment is always respected. There is also a very strict code of conduct within the Urbanization planning rules and green areas are on top of their list of priorities. I believe in Cyprus for this very reason as I now it will always be successful as you can see through further articles on the Cyprus Informer Blog.

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