With the current situation we have, it is right to say that we need to start investing on things that will help us function and work effectively. If you are in a work-from-home set up, it is suitable to purchase an office chair for your home because you will sit here all the time so you want to make sure your chair is comfortable. A good home office chair can make your back and arms feel comfortable, so you can work on the computer without feeling tired. After a long day in the office, your posture will improve and you will feel comfortable working at home.

The best office chair can move all parts of the chair to fit your body and can be adjusted according to your needs. Only specially designed office chairs can provide you with the comfort and seat you really need to complete your work at home every day. A suitable office chair can be adjusted in many ways, including height, tilt and spine support, and can be perfectly adjusted to suit your needs. Furthermore, you can avoid neck and back pain caused by sitting in a comfortable chair for a long time. 

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  1. Ergonomic Chairs

The ergonomic chair is specially designed to maintain a neutral posture and provide adequate support during long hours of work in the office. It is usually a little more expensive than other types of office chairs, but most of them are specially optimized to prevent diseases such as cervical spondylosis, low back pain, poor posture, blood circulation, etc., so you can save more money because of its many benefits. It has Lumbar support and adjustable headrest, armrest and seat height. It also has stable foundation and a padded seat cushions to give you comfort.  

  1. Drafting chairs

The drafting chair used for the drafting table or standing desk allows the standing person to sit down and relax without disturbing the work flow. Depending on the height, it is easy to switch and turn. You can expect to support your back, upper limbs, lower limbs and weight.

This type of office chair is lightweight, easy to move, and with or without a backrest. Since the height is adjustable, you can lower it and use it on your existing desk. In most cases, it also includes a foot ring on which you can put your feet.

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  1. Mesh Office Chair

The mesh office chair is the epitome of breathability, suitable for those who sweat easily at work. The backrest is made of this four-piece fabric, and the backrest is combined with the upholstered seat to bring comfort. The high-quality mesh office chair is designed with ergonomics in mind and includes laminated edges to improve blood circulation and lumbar support to minimize back pain.

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  1. Executive Office Chairs

The backrest is impressively designed and has a high height. Sufficient cushions for the backrest, seat and headrest are usually made of high-quality materials, such as high-quality wood and leather.

 When it comes to executive chairs, expect a thicker backing plate, which is too thick for seat injection, and the chair is decorated with PU or leather. Some also have other functions, such as tilting and massage head.

  1. Active Sitting Chairs

Movable chair is a relatively new term that means a chair that promotes movement even when sitting down. Usually this is achieved due to unstable seat or base.

The movable chair helps you prevent many diseases and premature death due to long-term sitting sickness. Since the active lounge chair is unstable, you need to move the core muscles and engage them. Currently, there are many active lounge chairs on the market.

  1. Intensive-use Chairs

It is designed for long hours of work. They have undergone rigorous testing and stand out among other office chairs because they must pass certain restrictions before marking them as intensive use chairs. Some of the tests performed included a rear tilt back lever vertical arm test, a seat and base load test, and a rotating bearing fatigue test. In short, it is more durable than other types of office chairs.

In addition to having a sturdy mechanism and a very sturdy frame base, heavily used chairs usually also provide standard ergonomic features, such as height-adjustable headrests, armrests and lumbar support.

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  1. Armless Chair

Armless chair is basically a conventional office chair with no armrests. Some people like this kind of chair. This kind of chair feels less restrictive, especially when doing certain activities (such as playing the guitar).

It gives you easy access to the desk. In this case, you can place your arms on the table to keep your arms, hands, and wrists in a neutral position. As for the chair itself, ergonomic features are usually limited to seat height adjustment and waterfall edges.

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