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Guest rooms should be impressive even bathrooms, it has been customary to give the best to our visitor who comes to stay at our home. Bathroom is one of the places at home where people can do their thing without getting distracted, so it should be as clean and beautiful as possible. There are some plumbing tips for building a guest bathroom that homeowners can use to make DIY projects on their guest bathrooms, or they can Call Professional Plumbing Contractors to make their plans happen for them. 

What Plumbing Is Needed For A Bathroom?

Plumbing Plan 

Planning how plumbing should be done is important, so future issues will be avoided. Plumbing should be consented to plumbing experts since they can suggest the best setup for your guest bathroom. You have to follow their  suggestions and recommendations since they know best, and it will also be best for you. Having good plumbing will serve its purpose as a comfort room as well as give convenience to users. 


When it comes to hardware products you can choose materials that you want since it is part of the design, hardwares should match your theme. Apart from the designs, also check on the quality of the materials you will be purchasing. Ask from your plumbers and if they can recommend something better than your option.


Since you want your guest bathroom to be impressive, choosing a theme to work on will be ideal.So you can have a plan to follow. Make sure that your theme matches your home interior.  Architects can help in this aspect, getting a suggestion from an expert will be good when it comes to creating something inside your home that requires professionals to install or need their assistance.  


Having good lighting in the bathroom is a good way to make the place look bright and clean. Make sure all lights are working well no one wants a flickering bathroom that would be creepy especially if they will be used by guests. Making a wider window can also increase the entry of light in the bathroom. 

How Do You Plumb A Bathroom Addition?

When planning to have bathroom addition make sure that you connect pipes properly and make sure it won’t make the bathroom space smaller. Bathrooms with enough space can also be impressive. Also take note to cut on the portion where additional pipes will be place to save time as well as save expenses 

How Do You Rough Plumb A Bathroom?

Step 1: Create a Lay-out 

Making a lay-out before executing your plumbing work is a wise move. You can have a blueprint on the things you have to do and the location of the sink, toilet ,shower and bathtub should be planned, so you have an idea of what your bathroom would look like. Simple sketches can be good, or you can use software programs to make your lay-out. 

Step 2:Installing T-Connector

The T-connector will allow your toilet, shower and sink to drain waste water to the main sewer. 

Step 3: Run PVC Pipe

Use 3-inch PVC pipe in the drain location then to make the turn upwards use a 90-degrees angle just below the bathroom floor. 

Step 4: Connect to Sink Plumbing 

A 3-inch pipe should be installed in ten open ends of the splitter then 3-inch 2-inch on the other end. Then place a 2-inch pipe going through your sink location and a 90 degrees angle to turn it upward. Next install a 2-inch pipe about 18 inches from the bathroom floor which will serve as your sink drain. 

Step 5: Connect Toilet Plumbing 

With the remaining 3-inch pipe split them into two lengths of  3-inch pipe , again use  90-degrees angle to turn it upward. Use another 3-inch length to bring it to floor level. 

Step 6: Connect Shower and Tub Plumbing 

Install  the last 3-inch pipe to the shower, again use  90-degrees angle to turn it upward. Use another 3-inch length to bring it to floor level. 

Tips For Maintaining Your Guest Bathroom’s Plumbing

  • Always check the pipes if they are still in good condition to avoid leaks. 
  • Constantly change bulbs to maintain the brightness of lights. 
  • Check on fixtures for any cracks and damages, so they can be repaired or replaced if needed. 
  • Clean the drains and pipes regularly , have plumbing services if needed. 

How Much Does It Cost To Rough In Plumbing For A Bathroom?

Rough plumbing can cost an average of $1,500  this can increase depending on the fixtures and area where plumbing will be done. 

Hope these plumbing tips for building a guest bathroom can help you create your dream guest bathroom with the assistance of a licensed plumbing service.