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Russian Maj. Gen. Rustam Minnekayev claimed Friday that Russia ideas to acquire “total manage of Donbas and southern Ukraine,” CBS Information claimed.

These gains, he claimed, would open up “a land corridor to Crimea” — connecting the separatist-managed areas in eastern Ukraine with the peninsula Russia annexed in 2014 — and “give the Russian military obtain to Transnistria.” Transnistria is a slender strip of land with all around 400,000 inhabitants that is internationally identified as component of Moldova but is de facto self-governing. Russia has had troops stationed in Moldova since 1992.

With Russian troops nearly solely in management of Mariupol, the land bridge to Crimea seems to have been proven, but a substantial swath of Ukrainian-held territory even now separates Russian forces from the Moldovan border.

Minnekayev mentioned there is proof “that the Russian-talking population” in Transnistria “is remaining oppressed,” a assert that could lay the groundwork for potential Russian interventions. A handful of times into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko — a shut ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin — exhibited a map all through a assembly of his country’s security council that appeared to show plans to send Russian troops from southwestern Ukraine into Transnistria.

Reuters identifies Minnekayev as “the deputy commander of Russia’s central navy district,” when CBS refers to him as the district’s “acting” commander. The New York Instances claims Minnekayev’s job “in the Russian military’s hierarchy” is “obscure.”

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