SEO For Commercial Real Estate Developers – How to Attract Quality Buyers and Tenants

The solution is internet marketing. For commercial real estate developers, marketing should be focused on search engine optimization (SEO). More prospective buyers and tenants than ever are using the search engines to find viable properties. That means there is no better place to position your property development firm.

Cost-Effective Online Marketing

One of the advantages of online marketing is that it allows you to avoid the high cost of conventional advertising. Promoting your properties on billboards, in magazines, and through direct mail is expensive. Even worse, your ads, signage, mailers, and other marketing collateral are often ignored.

When you need to find buyers or tenants for a commercial property, it is critical that you can connect with interested prospects. This is the main challenge for all commercial real estate developers. Marketing has traditionally been focused on a shotgun approach that generates few qualified leads. Search engine optimization for a honed strategy that targets willing buyers and tenants with precision.

How SEO For Commercial Real Estate Developers Works

Search engine optimization and internet marketing is a multi-pronged approach to bringing targeted leads to your online doorstep. Our team of search engine optimization specialists will design an SEO campaign that positions your website within the top listings of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. As a result, you’ll enjoy valuable exposure to a targeted, motivated audience.

We’ll craft engaging SEO copywriting that connects with potential buyers and tenants while catering to the ranking formulas used by the search engines. We’ll also build high-quality inbound links to your property development website. And because SEO for commercial real estate developers relies heavily on identifying the right key phrases, we’ll also provide comprehensive keyword research.

Internet Marketing Provides A Competitive Edge

Surprisingly, search engine optimization is largely ignored by most commercial real estate developers. Marketing is focused on high-cost, low-impact advertising like signage and print promotions. This gives your property development firm a significant competitive edge. SEO and online marketing for commercial real estate developers places your website in front of your best prospects at the precise moment they’re looking for your properties. The quality of leads you’ll attract will be higher. So too, will your close ratio.

Search Engine Optimization For Developers

Our team of optimization experts have spent the past 10 years creating high-performance SEO campaigns for our clients. In that time, we have produced a proven track record of success in a wide range of industries. Search marketing authority “Top SEOs” recently presented us their “Best In Search” award for our achievements in the field of SEO.

We’d like to devote our online marketing expertise to your property development firm. Because we’re committed to your success, we’ll close our doors to all other developers in your area. Once we begin creating your optimization campaign, you’ll be able to track your website’s progress in Google, Yahoo, and Bing by accessing monthly online reports.

When you’re ready to leapfrog other commercial real estate developers in the search engines, contact us. We’ll give you the competitive edge you need to thrive within your market.

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