Smart home automation can be an interesting process. It allows you to customize your home to fit your preferred lifestyle, resulting in a lot more comfort and convenience. Having a smart home can enhance many aspects of your life, but deciding on home automation is not as easy as you may think. Smart gadgets, with their many benefits, can be relatively expensive. 

A lot of smart gadgets save you enough money in the long run to eventually pay for themselves; however, the initial cost of smart home automation can make a lot of homeowners reconsider the purchase. This applies especially to people who tend to leave their old home behind quite frequently. 

Homeowners who tend to move a lot need to have a home they can take with them – at least, for the most part. Whether this lifestyle is for work or recreational purposes, your home should be mostly portable. The following are some smart gadgets that may be a perfect fit for such homes.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is one of the most useful and versatile devices a home can have. It helps you perform multiple functions through a single app, and is possibly the easiest gadget to control in any smart home. You can use voice commands to make have it perform all virtual tasks for you with ease, such as checking the weather, setting up meetings, or even finding the fastest route to work on a busy morning. This gadget is a useful addition to any home, and you can find good options for smart speakers through FirstEnergy.

For a temporary home, there is no better gadget than a smart speaker. This is a device you can easily pick up and leave. There are no wires or excessive installations that you must undo, which makes it the perfect portable device. A smart speaker can help connect a smart home together, so it will help you manage your other smart gadgets with ease as well.

Smart Plugs

There is no better way to deal with moving frequently than carrying your smart home with you. A smart plug may be the one device that can allow you to convert your regular appliances into smart ones, simply by plugging them into an outlet. This gadget works by plugging into a regular outlet in your home and then having any of your normal devices connected to it. A smart plug is compact and easy to carry, and there is virtually no installation time required. This makes it the most convenient gadget to bring with you to a new home.

Smart plugs and switches serve many purposes. They provide you with stats regarding electricity consumption and allow you to control and of your devices remotely. They are an excellent way to protect your electronics in case of power surges as well and can help manage energy consumption in your home in a very efficient manner. No matter where you live, a smart plug is one of the most useful additions to boost functionality in any home.

Smart LED Bulbs

Lighting is an essential part of any home. Whether you live in a house or an apartment, lighting is bound to increase not only its visual appeal but also visibility and security. With lighting, you can completely change the mood inside, your home, resulting in the perfect atmosphere for any event. A smart LED bulb is the perfect addition to any smart home, since these are compact gadgets that are easy to both install and control. Its customization options make it a good addition to even a space as small as a dorm room.

LED bulbs simply have to be removed from your walls and taken along with you. They are easy to carry and very reliable, just as long as you are careful with them. These lights can help make your new home a lot cozier with no extra money spent on lighting.

Portable Security Systems

No matter where you live, security is always a major concern for all homeowners. Having a well-protected home gives you peace of mind to go about your day. The lives and valuables of every resident in a home must be protected from all potential threats, and the best way to do this is by getting a home alarm system.

A home alarm system is equipped with features that allow the constant monitoring of the most vulnerable areas in your home. You can access each gadget remotely. From security cameras to sirens, even the most basic alarm system can significantly strengthen security both within and around your home. 

Fortunately, a lot of these systems are now easy to install, and can be taken with you when moving. While they are not as conveniently portable as the other gadgets mentioned in this list, they are certainly an essential part of a home. Even if you get such a system for your home, you will not have to leave it behind on your next move. 


A smart home doesn’t necessarily have to be a permanent commitment. Being customizable means it can fit almost any lifestyle, and not having a permanent home is no problem either. All you have to do is select gadgets which you can easily take with you, even on short notice. These are gadgets that do not require complicated installations and have too many wires to deal with. Battery-operated gadgets are often best for this purpose, but certain smart home systems are portable as well. This is an excellent way to keep smart technology with you no matter where you go.