Apple announced previously this 7 days that the iPod Touch—the last scion of the iPod line—has been discontinued. The transfer marks the finish of an period of committed gizmos for transporting your tunes. Steve Work opportunities launched the primary iPod extra than 20 decades ago, on Oct 23, 2001, and in lots of methods, it aided start out Apple’s rise to the multi-trillion greenback organization it is currently. Without the iPod, there could be no Iphone. 

That to start with iPod was groundbreaking—who can forget the “1,000 tracks in your pocket” marketing—but it wasn’t automatically the most crucial or groundbreaking product. It was a good MP3 player, nicer and less difficult to use than what Apple’s competitors ended up producing at the time, but it would get a couple many years to turn out to be a legitimate pop-tradition icon. 

Now although, because the age of the iPod has really appear to a shut, let’s replicate on a number of of those innovative models—the kinds that we feel actually carved the iPod’s position in history. 

3 iPod models now etched in gadget history
The iPod mini in 2004. Apple

iPod mini (1st technology)

The touch-delicate Click Wheel with the designed-in Menu, Participate in/Pause, Future Monitor, and Preceding Track buttons is one particular of the defining attributes of the iPod, but didn’t debut with the major iPod line. In its place, it was aspect of the to start with technology of the iPod mini. (The 1st-generation iPod had an genuine rotating scroll wheel and 4 components buttons the third-technology iPod accessible at the time had a touch-delicate scroll wheel but dedicated buttons alongside the major.) 

Declared on January 6, 2004, the iPod mini was a playful shot throughout the bow of the market. Obtainable in silver, blue, green, pink, and gold, and certainly pocket sized, it didn’t make a difference that it could keep much less music than the third-generation iPod. 

The Click Wheel would proceed to be utilized in second-era iPod mini, the fourth, fifth, and sixth-technology iPods, and the initial by way of fifth generations of the iPod nano. The only iPods not to use it had been the Shuffle line, the iPod Contact, and the touch-monitor generations of the Nano.

iPod Common (6th technology)

Right up until 2007, the iPod was just termed the iPod (or iPod by Apple, devoid of the definite report ahead of it, which has always sounded strange). It was not until the sixth era that it would get the moniker “Classic,” and that would be retroactively extra to all the preceding iPod products. 

Released two months soon after the initial Apple iphone, the iPod Typical was radically out of date even as it debuted. Absolutely sure, it had a colour screen and could participate in video clips, but it was generally just the product Apple experienced declared in 2001 with a larger sized hard travel. It’s no speculate that it was—aside from some battery and ability tweaks in 2008 and 2009—the last Typical iPod created. 

For all that, it caught all over. The iPod Common was bought essentially unchanged for 7 many years, just before Apple discontinued it in 2014. It took a surprisingly very long time right before smartphones bought to the position that folks definitely didn’t want a dedicated MP3 player. 

3 iPod models now etched in gadget history
This is the next technology of the iPod nano, which came out in 2006. Apple

iPod nano (6th era)

For all its cultural effects, the iPod mini line lasted a lot less than two years—it was officially discontinued on September 7, 2005, and changed with the iPod nano.

Even though the initially through fifth generations of the iPod nano repackaged the classic iPod knowledge in a range of smaller and vibrant models, it was the sixth-technology, produced on September 1, 2010, that created a legitimate statement—and was miles forward of its time. 

The sixth-technology iPod nano was wild. It generally took an iPod Shuffle and extra a 1.5-inch multi-touch display screen, like a smaller model of that identified in the Apple iphone or iPod Contact. What doable use was there for such an advanced touchscreen on an iPod Shuffle? Future to none, it appears to be: The only serious multi-contact function was that you could rotate the display using a two-finger twist. 

But it wasn’t what the sixth-era iPod nano could do (or unsuccessful to do) that created it significant, but what it hinted at. It experienced a pedometer, a health and fitness application, and integrated with Nike+. It had clock faces, which includes an exceptional Mickey Mouse a person. You could even get a 3rd-social gathering strap and don it on your wrist. Audio acquainted? Indeed, the sixth generation iPod nano was an completely dreadful precursor to the Apple Enjoy. But it also showed just how hungry some individuals have been for a excellent smartwatch. They were being just five decades too early. 

Eventually, brief of the Iphone, virtually no other gadget has so dominated pop tradition in the very last two a long time. Goodbye, previous friend: The instances we shared confident experienced a good, pocket-sized soundtrack. 


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