Gainesville, Florida, is home to the University of Florida, and is one of the most popular college towns in the nation. Whether you are just getting out of high school and looking forward to being a new Gator, or if you’re a returning student who is looking for an apartment as an upgrade over your dorm room, there are options in Gainesville to find the perfect location for you to live.

There are many different choices for Florida students, an example of two different University of Florida apartment choices among students are Windsor Hall and the Courtyards student suites. These 2 apartments are highlighted as examples for housing near UF, this is not an endorsement for University of Florida students.

The Courtyards are located right across the street from the main University of Florida campus and is within walking distance to almost any place students need to go, including libraries, classes, football games, popular hang-outs, and even restaurants. Many students consider the Courtyards a great alternative to the normal University of Florida dorm settings. In the Courtyards students don’t have to share their rooms with other students, but each student gets their own private bedroom suite while sharing a common area with other UF students.

Every University of Florida Apartment in the Courtyards has a shared living room, kitchen, and even a dining room. All of these apartments are fully furnished, meaning the student doesn’t need to bring their own furniture. Even when the student moves in, the utilities, cable, and interrnet are all already turned on. These apartments still provide students the perfect place to socialize that allow students to fully experience college life while giving them the privacy and independence that only an apartment can provide.

Windsor Hall is another very popular choice among UF students looking for a good University of Florida apartment. Windsor Hall has one section of apartments that is solely female, while the other side is coed. These are considered “luxury” apartments compared to the other student apartments on campus, and are often reported by other students as being very reasonably priced compared to the other student apartment options.

If you can’t get an apartment on the University of Florida campus, there’s no reason to despair. Florida, even more than many other universities, is absolutely surrounded by apartments in every direction, all of them very close by. The apartments’ rental fees can vary enormously, but there are literally dozens upon dozens of apartments within walking distance of campus that give University of Florida students all the choices they could want.

So if you’re a student looking for a University of Florida apartment, keep in mind that you have a huge number of options both on and off the actual campus.

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