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For those who live in Thailand and are looking to renovate or perhaps build a facility that offers promising returns, a gym or fitness center may not be frontmost in your mind. While most real estate opportunities focus around places to live, such as home or apartment dwellings, the construction of sports centers offers considerable promise. 

This is in large part because of the growing popularity of Thai boxing as a fitness trend. A popular sport in Thailand for well over a century, Thai boxing has gained considerable attention around the world for the health and physical fitness of the athletes who participate in the sport. The result is that more people are now visiting Thailand to learn about how they can improve their own physical conditioning with Muay Thai.  

Why Build a New Sports Center? 

Given the age of many older gyms and sports facilities in Thailand, building a new one, especially in the Phuket area makes good sense. A modern facility is not only in new condition, it sports the amenities that both residents and visitors expect. This means having a swimming pool, the right equipment, the proper facilities, and the space to conduct a Muay Thai fitness camp.  

Plus, a new gym offers many years of use before it needs to be replaced. When designed with the right architecture in mind, it can serve the community for decades while attracting tourists from overseas anxious to learn about the fitness techniques of Muay Thai boxing.  

Why Renovate an Old Gym?  

Despite the promise of a new facility, it may be out of the price range of many real estate investors. However, you can renovate an existing gym or facility and bring it up to modern standards while spending a fraction of the money compared to a new sports center. 

A renovated facility also means that you can keep a prime location without having to tear down or expand the old building. The result is that you attract new participants while serving the community with training camps focused on Muay Thai fitness. Plus, the renovations may remove old and unwanted walls, equipment, and items to create a new, open, and inviting setting for those attending fitness camps.  

The obvious downside is that a major renovation will close in part or whole the gym itself until the work is completed. But when done during the off-season for tourists, it can be accomplished in a short time so that the facility can be reopened for the incoming wave of interested people.  

If you are looking at a prime real estate opportunity, then the design and construction of a new sports facility or to renovate an older gym may be the answer. As Muay Thai grows in popularity around the world, more people are coming to Thailand to learn the fitness secrets the sport has to offer. Suwit Muay Thai with freshman scheme is a new Muay Thai boxing camp in Thailand. A Muay Thai boxing fitness camp that is housed in a new or renovated facility may be the opportunity of a lifetime.